Workshops & Courses Timetable

Throughout the year I run a number of workshops on specific subjects or courses where we will delve deeper into the subject matter.

If you are interesting in having me come and teach these courses in your area or would prefer to do a course on a 1 to 1 basis then please contact me directly.


Foundation Level Crystal Healing Course​ - Monthly - Feb 16th, March 16th, April 13th, May 18th and June 15th. (5 Fridays, 10-5 pm)

Certificate Level Crystal Healing Course - Monthly - March 17th, April 14th, May 19th, June 16th and July 14th. (5 Saturdays, 10-5 pm)

Foundation Level Crystal Healing Course - Monthly - Sept 18th, Oct 20th, Nov 17th, Dec 15th and Jan 19th 2019. (5 Saturdays, 10-5 pm)

Intensive Foundation Course - May 21st - 25th. (Mon - Fri, 10-5 pm)

Intensive Certificate Course - Oct 29th - Nov 2nd. (Mon - Fri, 10-5 pm)


1 DAY WORKSHOPS 2018 - (these qualify as CPD training)


Personal Spiritual Hygiene with Crystals - Saturday Feb 17th, 10 – 4 pm

Dowsing for Health and Home – Saturday April 7th, 10 – 4 pm

Master Quartz Crystal Day – Saturday June 9th, 10 – 4 pm

Crystal Divination – Saturday July 21st, 10 – 4 pm

Using Crystal Grids – Saturday Sept 22nd, 10 – 4 pm

Crystals & the Angels – Saturday Nov 10th, 10 – 4 pm

Cosmic Co-creation with Crystals - tbc 

Understanding the Universal Principals and Laws - tbc

Astro-harmony with Crystals - tbc

Becoming a channel - tbc



The Isbourne, 2 Wolseley Terrace, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 1TH

Foundation Level Course (5 days) 14th Jan, 18th Feb, 18th March, 8th April and 13th May

Certificate Level Course (5 days) 10th June, 8th July, 9th Sept, 7th Oct, 11th Nov

Certificate Level Crystal Healing Course 2018 - Monthly - Sept 9th, Oct 7th, Nov 11th, Dec 10th and Jan 6th 2018

Foundation Level Crystal Healing Course​ - Monthly - Feb 16th, March 16th, April 13th, May 18th and June 15th. (5 Fridays)

Certificate Level Crystal Healing Course - Monthly - March 17th, April 14th, May 19th, June 16th and July 14th. (5 Saturdays)

Foundation Level Crystal Healing Course - Monthly - Sept 18th, Oct 20th, Nov 17th, Dec 15th and Jan 19th 2019. (5 Saturdays)

Intensive Foundation Course - May 21st - 25th. (Mon - Fri)

Intensive Certificate Course - Oct 29th - Nov 2nd. (Mon - Fri)

Diploma Advanced Level Crystal Healing Course (10 days) - to be confirmed

Crystal Ascension Programme (5 days) - to be confirmed

CPD Training Days - to be confirmed


  • Foundation:- £500 if paid in full up front, otherwise £200 on booking and £150    before February session and £150 before March session
  • Certificate:- £600 if paid in full up front, otherwise £200 on booking and £200    before July session and £200 before September session
  • SPECIAL OFFER* If Foundation and Certificate booked together and paid in full up front then price reduced to £1,000.

Foundation Level Course (5 days) 11th – 15th September

Certificate Level Course (5 days) 4th – 8th December


  • Foundation:- £500 payable in full up front before 6th March/11th September
  • Certificate:- £600 payable in full up front before 19th June/4th December
  • SPECIAL OFFER* If Foundation and Certificate booked together and paid in full before March 6th/September 11th sessions then price reduced to £1,000.
  • Payment plan available. Please contact Kelly.


Day 1 - 20th Jan 2018

Day 2 - 10th Feb 2018

Day 3 - 3rd March 2018

Day 4 - 5th May 2018

Day 5 - 23rd June 2018

VENUE: Aristia, 233 Albert Road, Southsea, Hampshire. PO4 0JR

DATES 2018


Angel Alchemy 1 - 25th March    

Angel Alchemy 2 - 22nd April 

Angel Alchemy 3 - 27th May


VENUE: The Isbourne, Cheltenham


This course is run for The Isbourne College and so must be booked and paid for with The Isbourne - 01242 254321

Munay Ki Rites 1-4 - Nov 10th 2017

Munay Ki Rites 5&6 - Dec 15th 2017

Munay Ki Rites 7-9 - Jan 19th 2018


Munay-Ki is a process of receiving nine rites of initiation ceremoniously (over 3 days) to become a person of wisdom and power accepting the stewardship for all creation

The Elders of many tribes of the world believe that we are at a critical point in history and many indigenous nations are now sharing their sacred rites to the world. The Q’ero Nation from Peru is no exception.  Previously the Q’ero (Laika) Shamans had kept their ancient knowledge of working with the inner realms secret for hundreds and thousands of years till now…..

The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak about a new human appearing on the planet – one who lives free of fear and resides in his or her transcendent nature (true, extraordinary form). The Munay-Ki hold these codes for the new human which they call ‘homo-luminous’. 

Munay-Ki is believed to translate as “I love you”.   These Rites are ceremoniously given to activate the next step in the evolution of humanity in you – they realign and attune your energy body to the higher purpose energies and shift human consciousness. 

Rite One: Healers Rite

Rite Two: Bands of Power

Rite Three: Harmony Rite

Rite Four: Seer’s Rite


Having previously integrated the first 4 foundational rites of Munay-Ki you are ready to receive Rites 5 and 6. These rites connect you with the archetypal qualities and roles of the day keepers and the wisdom keepers, both highly revered roles by our ancient ancestors but equally important to embody now in these turbulent changing times.

Rite Five: Day keeper’s Rite

Rite Six: Wisdom keeper’s Rite


Having previously integrated all the Q’ero Shamans Munay-Ki rites you are ready to receive the remaining rites to further awaken your homo-luminous body and your role and higher purpose.

Rite Seven: Earth keeper’s Rite

Rite Eight: Star keeper’s Rite

Rite Nine: Creator Rite

Friends Finding Light Group – Find your Soul Family

Friends Finding Light Group is runs fortnightly and endeavours to find meaning to life by exploring consciousness, energy healing and meditation. Evenings also offer friendly spiritual companionship and a healthy dose of laughter.


Jan 9th, 23rd

Feb 20th

March 6th, 20th

April 3rd, 17th

May 1st, 15th, 29th

June 12th, 26th

July 10th, 24th

Aug 7th, 21st

Sept 4th, 18th

Oct 2nd, 16th

Nov 6th, 20th

Dec 4th, 18th


Venue: The Isbourne, Cheltenham

Time: 7.30 - 9.30 pm

Cost: £10. (This includes coffee, tea and cake)

Kelly Peacey launches her new Crystal Healing School at The Isbourne College & Holistic Centre

The Cotswolds School of Crystal Healing and Awareness offers part time and intensive accredited courses in Crystal Healing. All levels of learning are catered for, from Foundation Level (5 days) to Certificate Level (5 days + Foundation Level ) and Diploma Level (12 days).