Multidimensional Healing combines the beautiful energies of crystals, Angels, Ascended Masters and the highest celestial healing light and love energies.· This is deep soul healing and can affect all areas of one’s life including health, relationships, home and work.

The sessions are guided by Kelly’s team of higher helpers and it facilitates the integration and alignment with one’s own Soul Awareness. Working at a Soul and Divine Source level ones Souls Journey is assessed and sessions may include Past Life Regression, Psychic Surgery, Soul Fragment Retrieval, Negative Energy and Entity Clearing, Soul Contract Renegotiation, Karmic Healing Ascension Journey.·

The session is an intuitive process and therefore no two treatments are ever the same, it is purely guided for the ‘highest good of all’ by ‘Divine Will.’

£40 for 1 hour, £65 for 2 hours.