A crystal healing is recommended for anyone feeling they need rebalancing.  It is an age old healing system that is effective for all forms of dis-ease.  Whether a condition is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual a Crystal Healing session is able to identify the energy imbalance and correct it within the energy body. 

Crystal have been revered for their ‘special powers’ throughout history and used for fertility, protection, and healing and even now if it was not for quartz crystals’ piezoelectricity abilities much of our technology would not exist.

As a crystal healer I work with energy as it is recognised now from discoveries in the field of Quantum Physics that all life and existence is subatomic particles and waves that can be manipulated by thought and intention.  Very little is actually matter (less than 1% of the Universe) and by intentionally reorganising the 99% space with the known amplification abilities of the crystals, healing is a possibility for almost every human condition.

A treatment typically lasts 1 hour and always involves an ‘Energy Body Assessment’, as well as clearing, balancing and aligning the energy body of the person.  Sometimes more work is required such as further advanced meridian or chakra correction work, further light body activations, cutting cords, healing auric depreciations, contract/vow/curse removal, soul mate and relationship work, spirit release, soul fragment retrieval and past life work so sometimes a 2 hour session is recommended. 

Treatments are carried out in person at The Isbourne Holistic Centre in Cheltenham, but can also be done remotely for overseas clients unable to attend with a full report of actions implemented during treatment. 

Crystal Healing is non-invasive and there is very little need to actually touch the client.  Crystals are often placed on, beneath and around the client.  Gentle relaxing music accompanies the experience and comfort and wellbeing of the client is of upmost importance.

Anyone having a treatment is advised to not schedule a busy time afterwards but to seek relaxation to integrate the healing further.

A course of treatments may be recommended and paying for a course in advance can reduce the cost substantially and ensure regular confirmed dates to suit your needs.

Crystal Healing is normally suitable for everyone but a consultation is required to identify needs and safeguarding of clients.

For prices please see Price List and for any questions or to book please contact me.