Welcome to my world – Kelly Peacey

I have always had a natural curiosity about all areas of ancient wisdom teachings, the history of our origin, quantum physics theories, transpersonal psychology, our connection to Nature, Earth, Spirit and the Universe.

It is this curiosity that has taken me on a wonderful journey of self-discovery, a journey that continues today. I have discovered the richness of the simplest pleasures; laughing, dancing, relaxing in Nature and being with loved ones; each and every one making me feel richer than any lottery win ever will.

I like everyone, continue to experience the fullness of life with its ups and downs and so when I stand in front of my students and clients, I do so, as one of them. I see us all as equal, we are all here to love, learn and grow for the benefit of All.

Life is rich with a plethora of ‘everyday’ experiences from which we spiritually learn. We must all jump into it wholeheartedly appreciating what is around and within us!

I am a Spiritual Seeker hoping to understand more of who I am as I continue my journey.

Time and time again, I find myself delighting in how the Universe orchestrates situations and encounters with people on my path, further proving Divine Synchronicity! Many so often believe these to be coincidence but really? So many of them change the course of our lives.

Much of my work is about reigniting the feelings and memories of interconnection, so we can work with the natural soul's desire to love and come together. Awakening to the true self as a soul helps one recognise our Soul Mission and how we can best live to our fullest.

Does this sound a little too hippy or airy faery?

We are all here to embody our soul into our life. We are here to wash the dishes, do the gardening, and to work alongside difficult colleagues.…


Because each situation, each encounter teach us so much about us! I particularly like the saying, “We are a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience”.

A big part of my work is to help you to apply your soul awareness to your experiences and encounters in everyday life so that your learnt fear and separateness no longer limit your joy, peace and ability to share and receive love.

Many come to me feeling they have lost their way in life. They feel there must be something more. It is my belief that we are all beautiful unique expressions of the Divine. Quantum Physics with its ‘spooky science’ as Einstein called it, is now demystifying existence with the explanation that everything that exists is energy (waves and particles) and that we are all interconnected and interdependent.

So that means that everything we do affects the whole. We are all reliant on a balance in Nature and the Universe in order to thrive. This ‘energy’ is regarded by many philosophers and mystics as consciousness and with the atom being 99% space this contention is likely to be right.

So as humans composed of atoms we are not solid at all. In fact most of us are empty space! WOAH!!

Dr Masaru Emoto who was a Japanese scientist and author performed a series of experiments observing the physical effects of words, prayers, music and environment on the crystalline structure of water. His conclusions confirmed that we can change the subatomic structure of water by words, prayers, music and environment.

Humans are at least 60% water which beckons the question what our thoughts and intentions are doing to ourselves and others? And what effects are they having on other matter besides water?

Our own minds create our reality. We actually see what we expect to see which in itself is amazing. Sadly, many feel a slave to their unruly mind which can hold them in a state of fear.

By raising awareness of our mind using meditation and mindfulness we become a master of it and in time able to master our emotions, our health and our life!

We don’t need gurus or someone standing between us and the Divine…..WE ARE DIVINE

I am not a perfect enlightened angel standing before you with all the answers...........I am human too!

I am a grounded and earthy human who offers love, support and healing. 

I act as a channel for Higher Dimensional Teachers like the Angels and Ascended Masters in which they pass through guidance, healing and spiritual empowerment. I feel blessed to be able to share this gift with you through my teachings and treatments.


Throughout the year I run a number of workshops on specific subjects or courses where we will delve deeper into the subject matter.

Please look at the relevant page for more information.

If you are interesting in having me come and teach these courses in your area or would prefer to do a course on a 1 to 1 basis then please contact me directly.