teacher, therapist and intuitive healer

I have always had a natural curiosity about all areas of ancient wisdom teachings, the history of our origin, quantum physics theories, transpersonal psychology, our connection to Nature, Earth, Spirit and the Universe.

It is this curiosity that has taken me on a wonderful journey of self-discovery, a journey that continues today. I have discovered the richness of the simplest pleasures; laughing, dancing, relaxing in Nature and being with loved ones; each and every one making me feel richer than any lottery win ever will.


Throughout the year I run a number of workshops on specific subjects or courses where we will delve deeper into the subject matter.

Please look at the relevant page for more information.

If you are interested in having me come and teach these courses in your area or would prefer to do a course on a 1 to 1 basis then please contact me directly.

Cotswolds School of Crystal Healing & Awareness (CSCHA)

The Cotswolds School of Crystal Healing and Awareness offers part time and intensive accredited courses in Crystal Healing. All levels of learning are catered for, from Foundation Level (5 days) to Certificate Level (5 days + Foundation Level) and Diploma Level (12 days).